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Friday, December 18, 2009

An update from Micah's Jeans.

Fatty wears me to a Christmas Party.

My fellow comrades,

Today my Fatty-bo-batty (or FBB for short) wore me out of the house for the first time since I arrived, and it was about stinkin time! Where did my FBB take me you ask? Out for a Sonic Happy Hour drink? Out to eat? Out for ice cream? Out to shop? Nope.... she took me to a fourth grade Christmas party. At first I was appalled. Why would I, fabulous jeans, you know, the ones that make her buns look squeezable and AWESOME want to go to a fourth grade party? I mean come on! Fourth graders have not had two kids. They could care less that I have to squeeze some full figured 5'10" 220 something pound FBB into my outstanding material. But, oh well.

I walked her fabulous buns into that class room, and followed every move she made. And, to top it all off, she did not even enjoy the buffet of high fructose corn syrup. (well, maybe just one little cookie). She did not drink a soda today, or eat wee little donuts. No sweet tea, chocolate candy, suckers, potato chips, dips or anything. I tell you what fellow bloggerhood jeans, my FBB kicked some major high fructose corn syrup butt today! I felt honored to make her buns look good!
Well, it is time for her to take me off now....she needs to put on her sweat pants and big baggy shirt, because she can't breath! I will write more the next time she decides to take me out. And I will try to get her to take a picture of me....and her buns! :)

Until then, good luck!

With love,
Bloggerhood size 16 jeans

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Micah got the 16's!

Our darling Micah got the size 16 jeans from Sue! I'm super excited about her journey over the next two months, and I wish her a ton of luck in getting too skinny for the sixteens, baby!

Here's her blog post about the package. :)



They are here!! Said jeans appeared in my mailbox on Monday, and it was so fun! I felt like a little kid seeing that package. I hurried inside and opened my package from Sue. She is so sweet! She put fun confetti in the package, and some candy canes (which if you saw the video, you know I don't have to feel bad for eating them). I took pictures...I just could not help myself.

So, now we get down to business. Can she fit into the size 16 jeans, as hoped. *** SIDE NOTE*** I really wanted to take some
pictures in the jeans out in Dewey so you all could see our cute little town, and so you could see all the fun thing that the jeans are getting to do... but it was REALLY cold when they got here, and I was not doing muffin top shots you get to see my bedroom instead! :) With promises to see fun places with me in the jeans!
Ok, so here goes (and I really can not believe that I took these pictures, and I really can not believe that I am SHOWING them online! there you go! They fit, but snug. I could wear them, but would really be comfortable after about day three when they are nice and stretched. But, I have incredible support here at home, and some really supportive friends, so FATTY BO BATTY BE GONE! Can't wait to see what happens after two months.

Good luck to all the other Bloggerhood sisters!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Star Crossed Pantsers...

It's time for me to send the size 14's off to Sue! Here's a little video for you guys, and I think it describes our relationship pretty perfectly. :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Size 16 update from Frannie!

Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. My great idea to get a second degree has been a major distraction now that the semester is coming to a close. Off the bat let me say, I’m a little embarrassed that I set my goal SO high and will definitely not be reaching it. Two pant sizes in two months is a LOFTY goal and I encourage any future pantsers to set their sights a little bit smaller. One size in two months is nothing to scoff at, and if you surpass it you will only be that much more excited. That’s a very small part of the reason I haven’t checked in lately (the much bigger part has to do with a 45-page paper, a 36-page paper, a 28-page paper, a couple of articles, lots of editing, two book transcriptions, not to mention quizzes and tests, all due in the last week).

Here’s the thing, though. I’m not getting so discouraged I’m quitting, and that alone is awesome for me. My results haven’t been what I hoped for, and I’ve had way more distractions and set-backs then I ever thought possible, and I’ve had to question my commitment and face the “What is wrong with me?” blues on more than one occasion, BUT I’m still plugging away. I’ve found a new trail near my house that my boyfriend and I have been riding our bikes on three days per week for at least an hour a day (my ass has not been very appreciative of this new hobby, or it would probably be more), and I’ve incorporated lifting weights into my game, along with some at-home cardio whenever I can fit it in. I’m trying really hard to not worry about the scale until my actual birthday, because a really badly-timed rough patch in there screwed me up, and looking at the scale reminds of that in a not-so-good kind of way. So I’ve just been focusing on how I feel instead, and that’s keeping me going. Today I feel great. Today I feel empowered. Today I feel really happy that I'm finally posting an update.

I figure I could get upset with myself for not making it, or I can be happy I tried, and be ecstatic that I've made some mental progress. And, I figure, with the semester almost out of the way, I can kick some major butt these last 10 days and see where I end up. Because that's so much classier than giving up. Right?

So at least I can say I’ll be finishing my journey in style. Srsly, working out like a rock star. And loving it.

Frannie - of Finding Frannie

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Mission of the Pants Continues...

Super awesome thanks to Sue over at Did I Just Eat That Outloud (Umm, you should all know her as my deluxe partner in crime, and super hot legged lass by now) - for this vid.

MMM at A New Road 4 Me is getting the 18's! We're all very excited to see how she does with 'em! :)

Keep your eyes peeled for more videos from us, and those of you who have gotten pants so far, I'm talking to you, and you, we need updates! <3

In FACT, I'm really excited to see where Frannie is since her last update, 'cause she's only got 2 weeks until the 16's are sent along to the next recipient! Keep your eyes peeled, also, then, therefore, for the giveaway for those sweet jeans very soon! :)

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Mission of the size 18: Giveaway!!!


For all you lovely, need some size 18 sisters out there, now's the time! Super major kudos and thanks to the incredible Sue from Did I Just Eat That Outloud for this awesome video.

SO! Now's the time to enter.

The pants are Levi, Stretch Low-Rise Boot Cut Size 18 jeans.

Please remember the rules! Read them on the left column of the blog over there, and if you agree, enter away! A winner will be chosen a week from today, Monday, November 23rd.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another 16 Update from Frannie!

Quick note: We will have a size 18 giveaway this week, so stay tuned! :)

Be sure to visit Frannie's blog to give her lots of support! Here's her update for the Bloggerhood:

Needless to say, after spending time in the desert (where food is limited, and alcohol is abundant... and this girl who doesn't normally drink may have imbibed a few), and then dealing with stress... I have been doing terrible since my last update. I've only lost another 1/4" in my middle, which is pretty far off plan (it's been almost two weeks, and I wanted to lose just over an inch a week). To be honest, I'm pretty shocked to see that much progress and can't help but wonder if I measured wrong, THAT's how terrible I've been doing. But, to date: Need to lose 12" in my waist by Dec. 15 (for the pants to fit comfortably, but I'll say it again, I'm happy with a muffin top), and I've lost about 2". Ouch. That hurts to write.

I have a question, for anyone who is "in the know" on jean measurements. When the jeans say, "Waist, 33.5 inches," where on the body is that waist? I know it's not the natural waist, since that's way above where the pants fall. I had been measuring the belly button because that made sense to me. But I just tried the pants on again and they fall around the area of "The Dreaded Pooch" so... am I supposed to be measuring my pooch? This is a serious question, one for which I haven't a clue, so any help is appreciated!

I was going to do a photo for you today, since today marks my midway anniversary, but I haven't made it out to do so yet. However, I have a mini-trip I think I'm going to be taking in the next few days (assuming construction hasn't cleared the hiking trail I have in mind), in which case I'll be doing some semi-nekkedness in the wildnerness for the sake of Bloggerhood photos (of course, I'll have pants on in the photos... the semi-nekkedness comes during the changing process, silly reader). Awesome. Either way, you'll be getting something in the way of photos during the next week, promise! Halfway means we're in the home stretch, which means I need to drag my ass back on the wagon, which means I'll be doing lots more updates than I have been so as to hold my self accountable. If you randomly feel like coming to my blog and yelling some motivational threats, I won't be offended.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Elise has got the Lee's!

I wanted to update y'all with the pants status! Our lovely Christy in Seattle sent a fabulous pair of Lee's to our latest winner, Elise!

Here's a schnippet from Christy's blog when she sent the jeans out:

Elise, your size-12 Lees are ON THE WAY!!! :)

Remember to check out

for further pants give-aways. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for cute, cheap, NEW jeans, in sizes 18 and up to send along to the bloggerhood.

Wear them to greater health and fitness, Elise ... then don't forget to sign them, and send them on to someone else who needs 'em!


Here's a short blurb Elise did on her blog, and I hope to update you guys with her progress soon!

Hey All,

I apologize for the delay in the pants blog. I have had them for about two weeks, but life fell apart and I needed to take some time to regroup (you can read about what went down at my other teenage angst blog ). And then my laptop blew up. It sparked, flashed black and then started death screaming. I was able to save my hard drive, but the rest of it is caput. I feel like I am missing a part of myself haha. Okay so I made a cool snazy video of my opening the package (It was a super cute envelope! Christy is awesome!)but it was sadly stored on my laptop. Hopefully I will get some better pictures and perhaps another video up soon.

Okay so the pants:

THEY ARE AWESOME! I am going to buy several pairs like them once I reach my goal size. They are currently hanging on my wall, so I can look at them all the time. I haven't weighed myself since my last blog, or taken new measurements. I plan on doing that tomorrow, but I need to get something up on this blog so I could stop feeling guilty! Okay pictures tomorrow!

I also see that we have a tie for the next size to go out. It is between 18's and 10's. I'm going to go ahead and break the tie with a vote for the 18's! I'll be getting in touch with someone from my 18's list, so keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway!

The only thing you have to do to get involved is enter the give-away for your size jeans. Make sure you agree to all the terms (listen on the left column of this blog), and you're in! You can also e-mail me at jennybeanjcb at msn dot com if you have a pair of jeans you'd like to donate to the cause. :)

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)



OH MY GOSH! I GOT PICKED TO HAVE THE SIZE 12'S FROM THE BLOGGERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS NOT SO FAT PANTS! I AM SO EXCITED!! I really really really wanted them, and I am just wigging out!! I just got a new video camera, so hopefully there will be some new vlogs up here. Thanks Jenn @ for starting this project. You can read the traveling pants blog here

Friday, October 23, 2009

Frannie's 16 Update!

Hello lovely readers!

First of all, there are only 14 days left to vote for the next size pants to go out, so VOTE! (You can vote in the poll on the right side of the blog.)


I received an update from Frannie about the size 16's today! :) Be sure to visit her blog for all her other wonderful posts. Also, I goofed a tiny bit and forgot to send some info to Christy in Seattle about where to send the 12's, so those should be on their way shortly!

Here's Frannie's update:

The pants. Yes, the pants. They hang in my closet, peering out at me every day. I don't expect to see much of a difference in the fit until at least my midway point (Nov. 15), but in our first week together, I've tried them on twice, just as a reminder.

To refresh your memory or fill in those who may be new, I'm an official recipient of jeans from the Bloggerhood of the Not So Fat Pants, which celebrates the joy of growing out of a jean size. After all, the jeans don't lie. Click the blue button near the top right of my page for more info. At the start I was wearing a size 20, and my goal is to fit into these 16s by my birthday, Dec. 15, which gave me exactly two months. I had 12 inches to lose in my waist, and 4 to lose in my hips to see it come true.

I did another set of measurements today to see where I'm at, and I'm progressing quite well. I need to lose just over an inch in my waist each week (on average) to make this goal a reality, and that's just what I did this week. I'm pretty proud of that, and with a little luck and motivation I'm thinking I should be able to maintain that momentum through to the end. Constant vigilance! (Thank you, Ms. Rowling)

My boyfriend gave me a great jeans-related comment last night. While not the pants, I was wearing some jeans while we were in the kitchen making dinner when, out of nowhere, he says, all serious-like, "Baby, your butt looks good in these." I laughed at him because it was so random, so he explained what I already knew: When I'm heavier I get what I like to call "pancake ass." But when I lose weight, the shape of my booty starts to come back. Ladies and gentlemen, apparently the booty is coming back.

Because being a Pantser is such a huge motivator, I definitely plan on sending some of my own pants out into the world once I'm finished with them.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Frannie's got the 16's!

Hello every last one of you jean lovin' lovelies!

Frannie let me know last night that she has received my beloved size 16 Levi's. I sniffed back a sad tear 'cause the jeans are so damn awesome, and I'm gonna miss them. But then I realized that I WON'T miss them, because I'm not wearing 16's anymore. (at least that's what my boyfriend keeps reminding me of so I don't wallow in post-awesome-16-jeans-mortem.)

And now I bring you a message directly from Frannie:

I know the idea of the Bloggerhood is to grow OUT of pants since that's such a thrill, but I kind of had something different in mind that I think still captures the spirit. My 29th birthday is in exactly two months, and I would LOVE to be back to a size 16, or close to it, by that time. Wouldn't you know it, the Bloggerhood requires you to keep the pants for only two months, and the pair I received are 16s. Perfect! So, my goal is actually to grow INTO these bad boys. Even if I have a muffin top, I would die with excitement if they buttoned and, y'know, I could sit down and still breathe and all that.

This is me, exactly two months before I turn 29, wearing my newly acquired Bloggerhood pants. I didn't attempt to stretch them at all (I wouldn't want to stretch out the waist band, since other people are going to receive these later) so that gap is as big as it gets. I'm just holding the tabs up to give you a good idea.

I have to say, I can see how these pants would be super flattering if they fit, so those of you hoping to grow out of this particular pair in the future? Be excited. I'm inspired to buy some of my own when this is all over. I got in a major pants rut for, oh, five years or so now, and the few pants I did buy never really fit me quite right. So yes, sweet bloggerhood, I am excited about these pants!!!

My camera phone doesn't take the clearest pictures, but I promise you'll see some better, more interesting shots once a better camera is in my hands. Like a week? Can you hold out??

I hope to see you during my journey over the next two months!

So! Check out Frannie's full blog entry here.

ALSO! Don't forget to vote for the next size jeans that should be going out (on the right column of the blog.)

AND! If you're one of the 21 ladies who voted for a size 12 jean, you'd better get over to the contest entry post and enter!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Size 12 Giveaway!

So, today Christy in Seattle surprised me with this kick ass video for the awesome size 12's she bought just for this project. Check out her blog entry HERE to read all about it!

From Christy:

Here's "the skinny" on the jeans:

Lee's Slender Secret Stretch Ultra Stretch Jeans
Size 12M
Waist: 32 (or a little less)
Hip: 42 (or a little more)
Wash: Medium Blue

Since the vast majority of women I know actually have waists, it makes sense to send the more traditionally cut jeans out to the bloggerhood first. I also have a couple of cute (designer) pairs of 14s that I'm hoping to be into and out of again, really quickly.

I'm excited to see how this project progresses. I hope that lots of you can get involved involved in it, even if it means buying a pair of cute, discount jeans that you happen to find on sale to send along to a total stranger. You better believe if I find cute, cheap jeans in larger sizes I will be picking them up to send them along. So, if like me, you're larger than a size 12, make sure to check the blog often!

I'm San Diego bound early tomorrow, and I may or may not be online. So, I decided that I'd go ahead and put up this post so that when Jenn announces the winner of the size 12 pants, you guys wouldn't think I was flaking on my promise because I'm not around for a couple of days :) Assuming that a winner is chosen by Monday, the pants will be freshly laundered, packaged, and sent on their merry little way!

I can't wait to see who gets the jeans. I hope you enjoy wearing them and that this project motivates you to reach all your weight-loss goals.


So! Now'sdatime to send out some 12's.
Here's the button if you'd like to put it up on your blog:


If you're freshly out of the size 14's and would love a new, celebratory, temporary pair of jeans to wear, and agree to all the rules, enter here for the jeans:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Status on the size 12 jeans...

Well hello everyone!

I mailed out the size 16's to Frannie today, so she should get them in about 2 days. YAY!

I thought I'd update you all on the size 12 jeans I'm trying to shrink into so I can send my 14's on to Sue. :)

Here are a few photos of me in the same size 12's on Memorial Day of 2006, and they were baggy:

I'm hoping that I can lose another five pounds by the 26th when I go to Denver, and definitely should be able to lose a further five to ten pounds by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Sue, I hope you're ready for themsdarnedpants! :)

Stay tuned for an update on the size 16's! I hope to get a post from Frannie before the end of the week. :)

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Monday, October 12, 2009

The first Pantser has been chosen!!!

Thanks to ContestMachine, I am able to do the jeans giveaway in a totally neutral and fair way. The winner is automatically and randomly chosen... and we have our first winner, guys!

Frannie is in Nevada and will be the first recipient of the FAB size 16 Levi's. I'm awaiting her mailing address, and will be sending them out to her asap! I'm super excited to bring an update to you all with her photos in the jeans and a little bit of information about her journey. For now, check out her blog to see who she is, and get familiar with her.


Also, we'll be doing a giveaway for the next pair of jeans next month (We're doing one size per month to keep the rotation doable with updates and all.) From the way things are looking, the next size we need is a 12. I've gotten lots of jean donation e-mails from you all, so thank you again for your generosity. If you'd like to chime in for a different size, the poll is on the right hand column of this blog, and there are three days left to vote for your size!

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Generosity.

Huge news, y'all.

I got a note from Christy in Seattle today I wanted to share with you all:

What sizes do you think would be most helpful to the bloggerhood? Let me know, because although all my "skinny" jeans might be too old or worn for anyone to want to wear them, in the spirit of sisterhood, I'm going to buy a brand new pair of jeans to send someone's way.

Christy!!!! You're amazing. Thank you so much!!!

So, everyone:

1. Visit her blog.
2. Participate in the poll on the right hand side of this blog so we can figure out which size jeans need to go out next.


Oh, and don't forget to enter for the first jeans (Size 16), so if you haven't yet, make sure to do that.

I love you guys,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All butts are welcome.

Well, I have to say. The response has been kick-ass. Thank you all for your overwhelming support!

We've had a lot of people asking about other sizes of jeans besides the 14's. I absolutely love the idea of doing multiple pairs of jeans. In fact, I just grew out of a great pair of 16's I can send to someone RIGHT NOW.

So, here's the way it's gonna work. I'm going to start today by giving away my size 16 pair of Levi's, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. They're fantastic if you have large bootie and hips, and a slimmer waist. They are made with a stretchy material, so they have support and give. Tell your friends, 'cause there are only three days to enter for these jeans.

Jean Info:

Levi Curvy Boot Cut 529's
Size 16 Medium
Dark blue wash
33.5" waist
44" hips

If you have jeans you'd like to give away:

Please contact me at

I am currently accepting sizes for:

8, 10, 12, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30.

I will be doing a giveaway for each jean size ONCE A MONTH. This is to spread out the sizes of jeans so we don't have 890328409328 updates in one month, and instead can have a consistent updating of the jeans year round. We will have 12 sizes of jeans for 12 months in the year!


Here are the rules. If you enter, you're automatically agreeing to the following guidelines:

1. When you get the jeans, you agree to post a blog entry AND contact me when you do, with photos of you wearing the jeans, (standing, with the jeans visible. You don't need to show your stomach, but pockets need to show,) preferably in an interesting, cool, or location specific spot in your city.

1b. You agree to let me post your blog content pertaining to the jeans in this blog to keep our BOTTNSFP readers up to date. I might not be able to update this blog with every update entry you make, but at my discretion may choose to use your content to keep readers up to date. All recipients of the jeans will be added to the blogroll.

1c. You agree to use the button in every entry you post about the jeans and to update us to show folks where the project came from. Here's the button:


2. Update your blog (or me) weekly with photos and/or your weight loss progress.

3. Two months after you receive the jeans, contact me and we'll do a drawing for the next person to get them. Hopefully you will have been able to get progressively too small for the jeans and you'll be ready to send them along to someone new. If not, that's okay! It's fun to send the jeans along, and you might be able to get them back from someone else. If you've lost enough weight to be too thin for the jeans, I encourage you to post a before and after photo of you in the jeans for your own encouragement and to encourage others.

4. You agree to launder the jeans before sending them to the next person. (Yes, I know this is assumed, but I gotta put it out there just in case.)

5. You agree to shipping costs to send the jeans to the next person. This MAY include shipping to a different country, so if you don't want to be financially responsible for that, please don't enter.

6. As a fun way of keeping track of who's had the jeans, sign your initials along the inside panel of the butt with permanent marker. The jeans that come to you should have initials in them already, so you should know where to sign them.

7. Once the jeans are so worn out that they're unable to be worn, contact me. The jeans will retire with their original owner. If the original owner does not want the jeans, they will retire with me.

That's all folks! The adventure of the Bloggerhood of the Traveling Not So Fat Jeans has begun!

These are amazing jeans, and I'm actually kind of sad to be giving them up. If you're freshly out of the size 18 and would love a new, celebratory, temporary pair of jeans to wear, and agree to all the rules, enter here for the jeans:

Share it! Tweet it! Pass it along!

Winner will be chosen next Monday! :)

The Bloggerhood of the Traveling Not So Fat Pants!

Welcome everyone!

First of all, I'm sorry for those of you who have commented and followed... my blog got erased because of a freak template error. I'm sorry guys! BUT! Don't despair. You can re-follow me now, and I'm working on smoothing out the process so don't worry about your comments being gone.

For a refresher, watch the video here to find out what's up:

There's a party in my pants, and you're all invited!!!!!!

Here is a picture of me in the pants:

SO! Sue from Did I Just Eat That Outloud will be getting the size 14 pants first.

Now, we're refining the process, so I'm going to hold off on posting the guidelines until it's completely worked out. Thanks for stoppin' by... this is going to be a ton of fun! :)

For right now, if you want to be part of the project, grab this button and throw it on your blog:


More details coming very soon!

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)