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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Mission of the size 18: Giveaway!!!


For all you lovely, need some size 18 sisters out there, now's the time! Super major kudos and thanks to the incredible Sue from Did I Just Eat That Outloud for this awesome video.

SO! Now's the time to enter.

The pants are Levi, Stretch Low-Rise Boot Cut Size 18 jeans.

Please remember the rules! Read them on the left column of the blog over there, and if you agree, enter away! A winner will be chosen a week from today, Monday, November 23rd.



Jordan E said...

This video is freaking hilarious! I love it!!!!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

And blogger is still being a beyatch and not letting me watch any movies! Booo...but yay for pant sisterhoods!

SlenderSwan2B said...

LOVE the video!!! I have 4 brand new pairs of Levi's to hopefully fit into soon so I am good!

MMM said...

Soo funny!!! Love it!

MMM said...

YAY!!!!! I can't wait to get the jeans!

Phylon said...

DArn it!!!! Ok, here's the situation. I don't typically come on this blogger deal. But my dear friend Madismama blogs and I wanted to see what she's up to. As I sit here, laptop resting on my guy, I realize, I am a size 18. I am at a huge crossroads in my life right now and I NEED motivation and support. I feel like a fish out of water...and you just may be the group I can look to!!! Ironically, while cleaning the basement today, I came across some HOT pictures of me from back in the day. I don't like being a fatty pants. I want hot pants!!! I literally have these jeans I bought from Wal-mart that were 18's and I have to sew part of the width of the leg to cater to my irregular size 18 gut with my size 12 legs. Ok, maybe 14 but the point is, at 5'1" I should not weight 189. And I am taking a stand against the fat pants here and now!!!! Forget Facebook, what fun is that? I am creating a blogger space and jumping on the wagon! This won't be the last of me..... peace and hair grease!

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