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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Mission of the size 18: Giveaway!!!


For all you lovely, need some size 18 sisters out there, now's the time! Super major kudos and thanks to the incredible Sue from Did I Just Eat That Outloud for this awesome video.

SO! Now's the time to enter.

The pants are Levi, Stretch Low-Rise Boot Cut Size 18 jeans.

Please remember the rules! Read them on the left column of the blog over there, and if you agree, enter away! A winner will be chosen a week from today, Monday, November 23rd.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another 16 Update from Frannie!

Quick note: We will have a size 18 giveaway this week, so stay tuned! :)

Be sure to visit Frannie's blog to give her lots of support! Here's her update for the Bloggerhood:

Needless to say, after spending time in the desert (where food is limited, and alcohol is abundant... and this girl who doesn't normally drink may have imbibed a few), and then dealing with stress... I have been doing terrible since my last update. I've only lost another 1/4" in my middle, which is pretty far off plan (it's been almost two weeks, and I wanted to lose just over an inch a week). To be honest, I'm pretty shocked to see that much progress and can't help but wonder if I measured wrong, THAT's how terrible I've been doing. But, to date: Need to lose 12" in my waist by Dec. 15 (for the pants to fit comfortably, but I'll say it again, I'm happy with a muffin top), and I've lost about 2". Ouch. That hurts to write.

I have a question, for anyone who is "in the know" on jean measurements. When the jeans say, "Waist, 33.5 inches," where on the body is that waist? I know it's not the natural waist, since that's way above where the pants fall. I had been measuring the belly button because that made sense to me. But I just tried the pants on again and they fall around the area of "The Dreaded Pooch" so... am I supposed to be measuring my pooch? This is a serious question, one for which I haven't a clue, so any help is appreciated!

I was going to do a photo for you today, since today marks my midway anniversary, but I haven't made it out to do so yet. However, I have a mini-trip I think I'm going to be taking in the next few days (assuming construction hasn't cleared the hiking trail I have in mind), in which case I'll be doing some semi-nekkedness in the wildnerness for the sake of Bloggerhood photos (of course, I'll have pants on in the photos... the semi-nekkedness comes during the changing process, silly reader). Awesome. Either way, you'll be getting something in the way of photos during the next week, promise! Halfway means we're in the home stretch, which means I need to drag my ass back on the wagon, which means I'll be doing lots more updates than I have been so as to hold my self accountable. If you randomly feel like coming to my blog and yelling some motivational threats, I won't be offended.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Elise has got the Lee's!

I wanted to update y'all with the pants status! Our lovely Christy in Seattle sent a fabulous pair of Lee's to our latest winner, Elise!

Here's a schnippet from Christy's blog when she sent the jeans out:

Elise, your size-12 Lees are ON THE WAY!!! :)

Remember to check out

for further pants give-aways. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for cute, cheap, NEW jeans, in sizes 18 and up to send along to the bloggerhood.

Wear them to greater health and fitness, Elise ... then don't forget to sign them, and send them on to someone else who needs 'em!


Here's a short blurb Elise did on her blog, and I hope to update you guys with her progress soon!

Hey All,

I apologize for the delay in the pants blog. I have had them for about two weeks, but life fell apart and I needed to take some time to regroup (you can read about what went down at my other teenage angst blog ). And then my laptop blew up. It sparked, flashed black and then started death screaming. I was able to save my hard drive, but the rest of it is caput. I feel like I am missing a part of myself haha. Okay so I made a cool snazy video of my opening the package (It was a super cute envelope! Christy is awesome!)but it was sadly stored on my laptop. Hopefully I will get some better pictures and perhaps another video up soon.

Okay so the pants:

THEY ARE AWESOME! I am going to buy several pairs like them once I reach my goal size. They are currently hanging on my wall, so I can look at them all the time. I haven't weighed myself since my last blog, or taken new measurements. I plan on doing that tomorrow, but I need to get something up on this blog so I could stop feeling guilty! Okay pictures tomorrow!

I also see that we have a tie for the next size to go out. It is between 18's and 10's. I'm going to go ahead and break the tie with a vote for the 18's! I'll be getting in touch with someone from my 18's list, so keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway!

The only thing you have to do to get involved is enter the give-away for your size jeans. Make sure you agree to all the terms (listen on the left column of this blog), and you're in! You can also e-mail me at jennybeanjcb at msn dot com if you have a pair of jeans you'd like to donate to the cause. :)

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)



OH MY GOSH! I GOT PICKED TO HAVE THE SIZE 12'S FROM THE BLOGGERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS NOT SO FAT PANTS! I AM SO EXCITED!! I really really really wanted them, and I am just wigging out!! I just got a new video camera, so hopefully there will be some new vlogs up here. Thanks Jenn @ for starting this project. You can read the traveling pants blog here