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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another 16 Update from Frannie!

Quick note: We will have a size 18 giveaway this week, so stay tuned! :)

Be sure to visit Frannie's blog to give her lots of support! Here's her update for the Bloggerhood:

Needless to say, after spending time in the desert (where food is limited, and alcohol is abundant... and this girl who doesn't normally drink may have imbibed a few), and then dealing with stress... I have been doing terrible since my last update. I've only lost another 1/4" in my middle, which is pretty far off plan (it's been almost two weeks, and I wanted to lose just over an inch a week). To be honest, I'm pretty shocked to see that much progress and can't help but wonder if I measured wrong, THAT's how terrible I've been doing. But, to date: Need to lose 12" in my waist by Dec. 15 (for the pants to fit comfortably, but I'll say it again, I'm happy with a muffin top), and I've lost about 2". Ouch. That hurts to write.

I have a question, for anyone who is "in the know" on jean measurements. When the jeans say, "Waist, 33.5 inches," where on the body is that waist? I know it's not the natural waist, since that's way above where the pants fall. I had been measuring the belly button because that made sense to me. But I just tried the pants on again and they fall around the area of "The Dreaded Pooch" so... am I supposed to be measuring my pooch? This is a serious question, one for which I haven't a clue, so any help is appreciated!

I was going to do a photo for you today, since today marks my midway anniversary, but I haven't made it out to do so yet. However, I have a mini-trip I think I'm going to be taking in the next few days (assuming construction hasn't cleared the hiking trail I have in mind), in which case I'll be doing some semi-nekkedness in the wildnerness for the sake of Bloggerhood photos (of course, I'll have pants on in the photos... the semi-nekkedness comes during the changing process, silly reader). Awesome. Either way, you'll be getting something in the way of photos during the next week, promise! Halfway means we're in the home stretch, which means I need to drag my ass back on the wagon, which means I'll be doing lots more updates than I have been so as to hold my self accountable. If you randomly feel like coming to my blog and yelling some motivational threats, I won't be offended.



helderheid said...

I have shrunk out of my size 6x30 jeans - if anyone wants them, let me know!

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