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Friday, October 16, 2009

Frannie's got the 16's!

Hello every last one of you jean lovin' lovelies!

Frannie let me know last night that she has received my beloved size 16 Levi's. I sniffed back a sad tear 'cause the jeans are so damn awesome, and I'm gonna miss them. But then I realized that I WON'T miss them, because I'm not wearing 16's anymore. (at least that's what my boyfriend keeps reminding me of so I don't wallow in post-awesome-16-jeans-mortem.)

And now I bring you a message directly from Frannie:

I know the idea of the Bloggerhood is to grow OUT of pants since that's such a thrill, but I kind of had something different in mind that I think still captures the spirit. My 29th birthday is in exactly two months, and I would LOVE to be back to a size 16, or close to it, by that time. Wouldn't you know it, the Bloggerhood requires you to keep the pants for only two months, and the pair I received are 16s. Perfect! So, my goal is actually to grow INTO these bad boys. Even if I have a muffin top, I would die with excitement if they buttoned and, y'know, I could sit down and still breathe and all that.

This is me, exactly two months before I turn 29, wearing my newly acquired Bloggerhood pants. I didn't attempt to stretch them at all (I wouldn't want to stretch out the waist band, since other people are going to receive these later) so that gap is as big as it gets. I'm just holding the tabs up to give you a good idea.

I have to say, I can see how these pants would be super flattering if they fit, so those of you hoping to grow out of this particular pair in the future? Be excited. I'm inspired to buy some of my own when this is all over. I got in a major pants rut for, oh, five years or so now, and the few pants I did buy never really fit me quite right. So yes, sweet bloggerhood, I am excited about these pants!!!

My camera phone doesn't take the clearest pictures, but I promise you'll see some better, more interesting shots once a better camera is in my hands. Like a week? Can you hold out??

I hope to see you during my journey over the next two months!

So! Check out Frannie's full blog entry here.

ALSO! Don't forget to vote for the next size jeans that should be going out (on the right column of the blog.)

AND! If you're one of the 21 ladies who voted for a size 12 jean, you'd better get over to the contest entry post and enter!


Frannie said...

Don't worry, Jenn, I promise to take care of your awesome 16s! They've found a (temporary) home where they will be well loved, so don't be sad. Plus, they get to go on living a life that involves inspiring other people to lose their ass, in a good way. Nothing wrong with that!

aka "Fred" said...

Hey Jenn, I've got a pair of Tommy Jeans that I'm hope to "shrink" out of in the next two months. Thing is I'm not sure how the size translates. They're a 32 waist (and made in Canada, woot! lol) any idea what size those would be? I'm thinking somewhere around a 12 maybe. Anyway I want to pass them along...they're a dark wash, straight boot cut and they look great with a pair of heels lol.

Allyson said...

those are totally going to fit you soon Frannie!! WooHoo!!! :)

The Insatiable Host said...

Jen - great news..I weighed today and I am down 16 lbs in just over 3.5 weeks. 10 days of shred plus some.I had just bought a pair of 33's from GAP like 2 weeks ago,dark blue boot cuts. I need to get rid of them because my ass is shrinkin...I want to donate, but dont know if you need them....I also want to be a part of the process because if some 31/32s become available I want to jump on the train!! Can't wait - let me know if you want them and this is soooo fantastic!! You seriously - both of you ladies need to be on ELLEN!!!

xoxo insatiablehost

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