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Friday, October 23, 2009

Frannie's 16 Update!

Hello lovely readers!

First of all, there are only 14 days left to vote for the next size pants to go out, so VOTE! (You can vote in the poll on the right side of the blog.)


I received an update from Frannie about the size 16's today! :) Be sure to visit her blog for all her other wonderful posts. Also, I goofed a tiny bit and forgot to send some info to Christy in Seattle about where to send the 12's, so those should be on their way shortly!

Here's Frannie's update:

The pants. Yes, the pants. They hang in my closet, peering out at me every day. I don't expect to see much of a difference in the fit until at least my midway point (Nov. 15), but in our first week together, I've tried them on twice, just as a reminder.

To refresh your memory or fill in those who may be new, I'm an official recipient of jeans from the Bloggerhood of the Not So Fat Pants, which celebrates the joy of growing out of a jean size. After all, the jeans don't lie. Click the blue button near the top right of my page for more info. At the start I was wearing a size 20, and my goal is to fit into these 16s by my birthday, Dec. 15, which gave me exactly two months. I had 12 inches to lose in my waist, and 4 to lose in my hips to see it come true.

I did another set of measurements today to see where I'm at, and I'm progressing quite well. I need to lose just over an inch in my waist each week (on average) to make this goal a reality, and that's just what I did this week. I'm pretty proud of that, and with a little luck and motivation I'm thinking I should be able to maintain that momentum through to the end. Constant vigilance! (Thank you, Ms. Rowling)

My boyfriend gave me a great jeans-related comment last night. While not the pants, I was wearing some jeans while we were in the kitchen making dinner when, out of nowhere, he says, all serious-like, "Baby, your butt looks good in these." I laughed at him because it was so random, so he explained what I already knew: When I'm heavier I get what I like to call "pancake ass." But when I lose weight, the shape of my booty starts to come back. Ladies and gentlemen, apparently the booty is coming back.

Because being a Pantser is such a huge motivator, I definitely plan on sending some of my own pants out into the world once I'm finished with them.



Christy in Seattle said...

Yes, indeed, those fabulous size 12 Lees will be on their way tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo Frannie. And Jenn, because of you and YOUR pants, I'm headed to Zumba today. If someone would just bring me a spatula so I could peel my ass out of this buttdent in the sofa . . .

Salina Lyn said...

I know the size 16 give away is over but I have a pair for short girls if there is anyone interested. They are from the Gap and have only been worn a couple times. Size 16 ankle, boot cut. I'm 5' tall and have a really hard time finding jeans to fit right with the junk in the trunk and near little person status so I thought it only fair to offer up my jeans to anyone with the same problems. Let me know if it's something that would be helpful.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Way to go, Frannie! I just found out about this sisterhood and I think it's a great idea! I'll dig through my own stuff to see if I have some pants that I can pass along (likely they don't fit me for the wrong reasons, but maybe if I work hard they'll make my way back to me soon!)

Christy in Seattle said...

I've given this blog the One Lovely Blog award. Stop by to pick it up!

Jen said...

Woo hoo!!!! Keep up the good work!
And I LOVE it when my hubby randomly says my butt looks good in my jeans. Especially if I was feeling unmotivated.
Salina Lyn, I love that idea. I'm not ready for 16's but when I am, I'd love to get yours! I'm only 5' - near little person status, as well. LOL

turtle tracks said...

What a wonderful thing you've got going here! How do I sign up?

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