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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Size 16 update from Frannie!

Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. My great idea to get a second degree has been a major distraction now that the semester is coming to a close. Off the bat let me say, I’m a little embarrassed that I set my goal SO high and will definitely not be reaching it. Two pant sizes in two months is a LOFTY goal and I encourage any future pantsers to set their sights a little bit smaller. One size in two months is nothing to scoff at, and if you surpass it you will only be that much more excited. That’s a very small part of the reason I haven’t checked in lately (the much bigger part has to do with a 45-page paper, a 36-page paper, a 28-page paper, a couple of articles, lots of editing, two book transcriptions, not to mention quizzes and tests, all due in the last week).

Here’s the thing, though. I’m not getting so discouraged I’m quitting, and that alone is awesome for me. My results haven’t been what I hoped for, and I’ve had way more distractions and set-backs then I ever thought possible, and I’ve had to question my commitment and face the “What is wrong with me?” blues on more than one occasion, BUT I’m still plugging away. I’ve found a new trail near my house that my boyfriend and I have been riding our bikes on three days per week for at least an hour a day (my ass has not been very appreciative of this new hobby, or it would probably be more), and I’ve incorporated lifting weights into my game, along with some at-home cardio whenever I can fit it in. I’m trying really hard to not worry about the scale until my actual birthday, because a really badly-timed rough patch in there screwed me up, and looking at the scale reminds of that in a not-so-good kind of way. So I’ve just been focusing on how I feel instead, and that’s keeping me going. Today I feel great. Today I feel empowered. Today I feel really happy that I'm finally posting an update.

I figure I could get upset with myself for not making it, or I can be happy I tried, and be ecstatic that I've made some mental progress. And, I figure, with the semester almost out of the way, I can kick some major butt these last 10 days and see where I end up. Because that's so much classier than giving up. Right?

So at least I can say I’ll be finishing my journey in style. Srsly, working out like a rock star. And loving it.

Frannie - of Finding Frannie


Stephanie said...

It's really important to recognize when you set goals that are too high. That way you don't beat yourself up for failing to achieve them! You sound like a very busy lady...good luck with everything.

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