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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Want to Get into my Pants?

Read below for Jewlia Goulia's pantastic pants tale!  Read through, then enter at the bottom to win this fabulous twosome of size 24 pants!


Literally. . .

If you want to get into my pants keep reading.

You know Jenn (ExHotGirl) right? Who doesn't!?

Well, besides her personal weight-loss blog, her photography blog, and her dream journal blog, Jenn also runs an awesome blog called The Bloggerhood of the Traveling Not So Fat Pants.

The premise of the site is pretty simple. . . a pair of pants starts with one reader/blogger until she (he?) has lost enough weight to drop to the next size. From there, the jeans she has outgrown are auctioned off to others fighting the good (weight-loss) fight.

In March, I won the opportunity to receive a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts from the amazing Josie at 35 and Shrinking. (Check her blog out, she is amazing!)

Unfortunately, by the time I received the size 24W jeans in the mail, I had already outgrown them.

This is where you come in. The 2 pairs of jeans are sitting, unworn in my house and are just itching to strut their stuff. (Especially the capri's - it's summer people!)

Would you like to be a part of this awesome chain?

I look forward to passing along my pants!

So, who wants to get into them?



Thursday, March 18, 2010

The 18's have arrived!

Muffin Top

(Original post can be found here at Lorie's Blog)

First of all I apologize for being gone so long. I have been busy but it has been all good. I have lots of good news to share!! I will start with this post and do a follow up post after weigh in tonight.

I have been following this blog for a while. It's really interesting. They pass pants around with the idea of the recipient shrinking right out of the pants. I entered when I saw a post that this girl was ready to pass on her size 18's. I have been wearing pants that require a belt for a while now. I also have been hanging around in the same weight range. I needed a new motivation so I entered. I WON THE PANTS!! The came in the mail Monday and I finally put them on today. I was so excited! They are a little snug but I know I will be out of them soon.

I tried to take pictures myself but I just couldn't do it. I made my son take these this morning. He was not to excited about it and acted like I was a weirdo. The picture quality is not that great but again, he's only 12 and he doesn't care. As you can see, I had to stand in front of the TV to get his attention. I am a little self conscious about these pictures but I think it is an important step to reaching my inner skinny and getting back on track again. So here is my muffin top.....don't laugh!! I like to describe my shape as a cylinder with arms and legs. It's very difficult to find pants that fit right. LOL

So stay tuned and I will tell you later about my progress (yes there has been progress!), school, work, and big changes coming up. I also was given an award!! See you later!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The 18's are moving on!

 Here's a great post from Micah about sending on her 18 jeans! :)



Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It is time to say good bye to a good friend. One that has supported me over the last few months. The one that got the WHOLE weight loss thing started for me. Yes, it is time for my beloved size 18's to move on to the next Fatty-Bo- Batty. I did take some parting pictures, with the help of my little assistant.

(Meredith took some extra pictures, and I just love her little boots, so I had to share!)

And now, as we say good bye, I am happy to say that I have lost 28 pounds! So, I am not too sad to see the jeans go. But, I think that is fitting to give them a nice send off. So, I decided to put together a little summary of my time with the jeans. So, Good Bye Jeans! And Good Luck Lori! I hope you have as much fun with them as I did!

"Parting is such sweet sorrow..."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Micah is passing along the 18's!

Read the final update and success with the size 18 jeans from Micah below!  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom if you want to enter to be the next Bloggerhood Pantser for the size 18's!!!

Also, if you're interested in being the next size 24 Pantser, you've only got three more days to enter!  The winner will be chosen on Wednesday the 24th.  Click here to enter for those!

Dear fellow bloggerhood jeans,

The time has come for me to say good bye to my fatty. It is hard to believe that is has been two months since I arrived, but fatty says its time, and well she might be CRAZY, but she doesn't lie! Since it is time for me to move on to my next adventure in fatty land, I thought I would take this time to reminisce. I arrived to a super excited fatty! I got to go to a christmas party (Fatty gets confused. LOL!) I survived a blizzard, and fatty loses a "butt load" of weight!

The long and short of it is: It all started at the fourth grade Christmas party, and it all ended at the PTO school carnival. Seems fitting that fatty would chose to wear me for the last time to the school carnival. There was a little change however. About 24 pounds worth of change that is. Apparently my fatty was serious about this whole weight loss thing. I am proud to say that she has stuck to her guns, and worked her butt off.... literally! She even has one pair of jeans living here that are sooo baggy, she could fit another butt in it with her.

So, now come the pictures:

I call this one...Wrinkle butt! See how many folds are in the fabric?

This one is called side... yep, she is now down to a "mini muffin top"

and last I call this Sexy middle... now notice how she wears her mom belly with pride! (please note that Fatty was REALLY going out on a limb by posting such close ups of her stretch marks)

Now come the fun pictures.... see how good she looks in her tee-shirt and jeans, sans muffin! :)

And the best picture of all, I have talked about how awesome my fatty's buns look, and so I made her take a picture in them. TA DA!!!! Boody-licious fatty! LOL!!!

Well, thats my tale! Hope all you other jeans are doing awesome! Can't wait to move on to my new home! And, my fatty is ready for her next size...16!

Much love,
Size 18 jeans 

So!  For all of you ladies who are interested in a size 18 pair of fabulous jeans, now's the time!  Please be sure to read and agree to the rules on the left side of this blog.  Then, enter away!  

The pants are Levi, Stretch Low-Rise Boot Cut Size 18 jeans.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Size 24 Giveaway!

Hello my lovelies!

It is time.  Time for a kick ass size 24 jeans giveaway, courtesy of our own Josie Phelps!

Brand: Elle
Size: 24w
Color: Dark Blue
Slimming Fit
Condition: Like new!
She's also throwing in a BONUS pair of size 24 jean shorts, just in time for 
summer coming up.  So.  You know how it goes.  Read the rules (on the left 
column of this blog.)  If you agree, go ahead and enter!
The winner will be chosen one week from today, so enter, enter, enter!
~Jenn and Josie 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Micah's Update!

Check out her blog here! :)

Have you ever felt the need to put your arms out to your side, turn in circles and yell WEEEEE!!! Ok, recently? Today, I wanted to SOOOO bad! Some of you may remember a few weeks ago I decided to weigh in at the gym, just to see if my scale at home was off. And, BOY was it EVER! It had me well over 330. It was at that time that I waged a war with the ding dong scale. I swore I would never touch it again, if it was going to be so hateful. But, alas I could not stay away from it. I kept weighing in under 230 at home, and over that at the gym. Instead of being discouraged, I just took a step back, and started going with the scale at home. (I mean please, it had a better weight, who wants to deal with reality)

It has been about 3 or 4 week since I got on the scale at the gym. But, then it has been about 3 weeks since I have been at the gym consistently. I have had frigid cold temps, and sick kids, and no time to go the gym. So, today when I moseyed on into the lovely gym to do my work out, I thought I would tackle the dumb scale today. I'm not scared! So, on my way out, I put my stuff down, hopped on the scale.... and.....I almost passed out AGAIN! Only this time, I am proud to announce, the scale happened to be at 216.5!!!!!!! I skipped the 220's! If I could have done cartwheels with out seriously hurting myself (because when you are 30 or over, you just should not do them anymore) I so would have!

I am so excited!!!!

As for the jeans (you know, the fabulous size 18's that MrsFatAss sent me from the bloggerhood) that I like to strut around in, well they are still doing good! However, I can still wear them, and they are NOT falling off yet, which bums me out. I really would like to be in a smaller size once I send them on in a month. (can you believe that it has been a month already?)
But, I cannot be to upset, 19.5 pounds in a month.... not to shabby!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sue's Got the 14's!

Be sure to check out Sue's blog here!