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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Size 12 Giveaway!

So, today Christy in Seattle surprised me with this kick ass video for the awesome size 12's she bought just for this project. Check out her blog entry HERE to read all about it!

From Christy:

Here's "the skinny" on the jeans:

Lee's Slender Secret Stretch Ultra Stretch Jeans
Size 12M
Waist: 32 (or a little less)
Hip: 42 (or a little more)
Wash: Medium Blue

Since the vast majority of women I know actually have waists, it makes sense to send the more traditionally cut jeans out to the bloggerhood first. I also have a couple of cute (designer) pairs of 14s that I'm hoping to be into and out of again, really quickly.

I'm excited to see how this project progresses. I hope that lots of you can get involved involved in it, even if it means buying a pair of cute, discount jeans that you happen to find on sale to send along to a total stranger. You better believe if I find cute, cheap jeans in larger sizes I will be picking them up to send them along. So, if like me, you're larger than a size 12, make sure to check the blog often!

I'm San Diego bound early tomorrow, and I may or may not be online. So, I decided that I'd go ahead and put up this post so that when Jenn announces the winner of the size 12 pants, you guys wouldn't think I was flaking on my promise because I'm not around for a couple of days :) Assuming that a winner is chosen by Monday, the pants will be freshly laundered, packaged, and sent on their merry little way!

I can't wait to see who gets the jeans. I hope you enjoy wearing them and that this project motivates you to reach all your weight-loss goals.


So! Now'sdatime to send out some 12's.
Here's the button if you'd like to put it up on your blog:


If you're freshly out of the size 14's and would love a new, celebratory, temporary pair of jeans to wear, and agree to all the rules, enter here for the jeans:


Anonymous said...

Okay, Christie is just the cutest thing ever. And Jenn, you are great for turning our little email correspondence into such a wonderful thing. I shall skip the traditional Junk Food Friday breakfast at McDonald's this morning (a little something I started when my son was small - he' get junk once in a while, I didn't have to deal with drama by not buying it every day) so that I will continue on my quest to be ready for THE PANTS.


Christy in Seattle said...

Sorry I couldn't give you an advance heads up ... I didn't have contact information for you. Sent follow requests to twitter, so that's taken care of :)

Lindsay said...

I'm sad I missed the entry deadline! Guess I'll keep working and try to get the 10's!!

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