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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Micah is passing along the 18's!

Read the final update and success with the size 18 jeans from Micah below!  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom if you want to enter to be the next Bloggerhood Pantser for the size 18's!!!

Also, if you're interested in being the next size 24 Pantser, you've only got three more days to enter!  The winner will be chosen on Wednesday the 24th.  Click here to enter for those!

Dear fellow bloggerhood jeans,

The time has come for me to say good bye to my fatty. It is hard to believe that is has been two months since I arrived, but fatty says its time, and well she might be CRAZY, but she doesn't lie! Since it is time for me to move on to my next adventure in fatty land, I thought I would take this time to reminisce. I arrived to a super excited fatty! I got to go to a christmas party (Fatty gets confused. LOL!) I survived a blizzard, and fatty loses a "butt load" of weight!

The long and short of it is: It all started at the fourth grade Christmas party, and it all ended at the PTO school carnival. Seems fitting that fatty would chose to wear me for the last time to the school carnival. There was a little change however. About 24 pounds worth of change that is. Apparently my fatty was serious about this whole weight loss thing. I am proud to say that she has stuck to her guns, and worked her butt off.... literally! She even has one pair of jeans living here that are sooo baggy, she could fit another butt in it with her.

So, now come the pictures:

I call this one...Wrinkle butt! See how many folds are in the fabric?

This one is called side... yep, she is now down to a "mini muffin top"

and last I call this Sexy middle... now notice how she wears her mom belly with pride! (please note that Fatty was REALLY going out on a limb by posting such close ups of her stretch marks)

Now come the fun pictures.... see how good she looks in her tee-shirt and jeans, sans muffin! :)

And the best picture of all, I have talked about how awesome my fatty's buns look, and so I made her take a picture in them. TA DA!!!! Boody-licious fatty! LOL!!!

Well, thats my tale! Hope all you other jeans are doing awesome! Can't wait to move on to my new home! And, my fatty is ready for her next size...16!

Much love,
Size 18 jeans 

So!  For all of you ladies who are interested in a size 18 pair of fabulous jeans, now's the time!  Please be sure to read and agree to the rules on the left side of this blog.  Then, enter away!  

The pants are Levi, Stretch Low-Rise Boot Cut Size 18 jeans.


JewliaGoulia said...

24 pounds!

Congrats on your loss (and kickin' those jeans to the curb!)



Frannie said...

Congrats Micah!! That's a huge loss in only two months time! I'm debating on entering the contest since I apparently should be wearing 18s now... At least I'd have a chance to actually WEAR THEM out and takes LOTS of pictures, unlike my 16s (the 16s served their purpose, though, so I'm definitely not bitter!)

Anyhoo, great job!

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