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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another update from Micah: the 18's!

Fatty has a good Christmas

My dearest comrades, (otherwise known as the bloggerhood jeans)
I come to you today, after about two weeks of family fun, food and craziness to tell you my fatty has lost 11 pounds. It is unheard of I know for a fatty to loose weight during the holiday season, but mine did!
Ok, so lets back up a bit, and I will tell you the adventures that I have been on in the last two weeks. After our trip to the 4th grade Christmas party, fatty had a much needed vacation at home with her two adorable little non-fatty kids. They had Christmas cheer at Church, where fatty wore me to dinner. And her little Christian buns owned that sanctuary! And yes, she showed it to her friends. (Please note tho, I might say she "owned it" but she did not strut or flaunt, because that is not like MY fatty, she is way to proper for that.) The week leading up to Christmas consisted of shopping for the little non -fattys with her fabulous "other half of we" a trip to her favorite Mexican Restaurant, PMS (which, despite a few much needed, get out of my way or I will hurt you trips to Sonic Happy Hour for a large Cherry Coke, was very uneventful as far as the high caloric, high fructose corn syrup cravings are concerned) and a trip in a blizzard to Kansas City,Missouri with the whole fatty clan. That was fun! She wore me out to a fun dinner with her clan for Christmas dinner, in a blizzard in which she walked for three blocks to a restaurant that was supposed to be open
but due to weather was not, and then back another two blocks to the place that she ended up eating (but only because it was the ONLY place crazy enough to be open). All was not lost though, it turned out to be a fun memory making trip, and the dinner was even good. She ate a spinach salad! And then walked back to the
and WORKED OUT! I was so proud of my fatty!
Then, the next week she wore me out for New Years Eve! Where again, she ate a spinach salad. She rocked the buns with her "other half of we" to hear her favorite local band of all time Bakerville.
Boy, what a fun couple of weeks this fatty and I have had together. My friends, I hope that you all have had an equally good time sporting your fatty's buns during this holiday season. Here's to a fabulous 2010!
Until next time my friends.
Size 18 jeans (not 16)


MrsFatss said...

Yay! So glad the jeans are having so much fun with their new momma.

The_Exquisite_Christine said...

Congrats on your way awesome set of holidays! Hope your 2010 is equally awesome! ♥

MMM said...

Aww... thanks guys!

Stephanie said...

Wow, I read a lot of weight loss blogs, and this is definitely the biggest holiday weight loss I've heard of. Many congratulations! Oh, and that's a lot of spinach salad. ;)
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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Wow! Congrats! Just found your blog and glad! Ive been weight watching since July and didn't do as well as you but did fine over the season pretty much! Nice to meet you!


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